As shared joy is twice as nice

we'll be happy to share it, not only with our four-legged friends, but with you, too. 

We made the first SHAREBAG ourselves at home, for one simple reason. It wasn't very comfortable on the floor and it was too cramped in a normal bed with our dog. 

We chose fabrics that were pleasant to the touch, lightweight, and would withstand playing and being washed often. We put our own pattern (aguti) on the fabric to hide shed hairs and small bits of dirt brought in on our dog's paws. Over time, we tested out various stuffings in the bag (from buckwheat husks to shredded memory foam), we found the optimal size (for comfort as well as given the space in our flat), and added and attached a practical inner liner (which is amazing, as the pet never "sinks through it" down to the cold ground). 


We were very pleasantly surprised by the interest shown by our friends and neighbours who came round for a visit. We couldn't refuse when they asked us to sew bags for them, and so we made other different colour schemes that matched their pets' coats. 

Finally, we put the finishing touches to the pillows and blankets we used in the bed. 

And as it wasn't just any ordinary bag, but "our" bag, which we shared with our pets and friends, we gave it a name ... SHAREBAG. 


We were sure that there were plenty more pet owners who felt the same way as us about their four-legged friends (that a pet is a special companion, a buddy, a beloved rascal, but is banned from the bed and the sofa), and would also like to have a point of contact like that at home.

So, we fine-tuned and perfected it, made it simpler, registered it, and decided to share our SHAREBAG with you‘.

We have no doubt that many of you will discover and enjoy its magic and will use it just as happily and often as we do.