Anthracite/Aguti SHAREBAG®


Shared bed

Two sides, two uses. Soft and warm Aguti with a special camouflage on one, and durable, cooler and single-tone Anthracite on the other.

A colour combination especially suitable for black, tan, dark-grey and dark-brown breeds.

  • anti-parasitic stuffing: a mixture of balls and hollow fibres for optimal shaping and suppleness
  • fitted with a removable pad that insulates the bed from the ground
  • separate removable cover that is easy to clean in the washing machine
  • size (H×W×D): 180×140×20 cm - laid, or 90×140×40 cm - folded away 
  • weight: 7.5 kg - light and easy to handle
4,999 Kč 5,999 Kč